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SEBI Regd No. INA000011255

TENEX – TEN years, EXtraordinary Returns


Service Fee: ₹ 25000 /- for 10 year duration
  • A basket of 15-20 stocks to be held for next 10 years
  • Selected by team of experts
  • Sound methodology in selection
  • Risk Management in place
  • Returns beyond your expectations
  • Web Based access for 10 years
  • Monthly Tracking Report

Tenex from Investora is one of the best investment methods according to us. Invest in a set of shares this year and close the portfolio after 10 years without doing anything in between. The returns are much beyond your imagination.

Major Advantages

  • It saves you a bother of worrying about economic cycles, the ups and downs of the market.
  • It is a time based system with the entry and exit dates clearly defined riding out a long enough period to have substantial gain over time.
  • It is also the least expensive model of investment with the possibility of highest return within the same time frame. (Brokerage and one time advisory fees for 10 years)


  • Stocks that have a proven record for the last 10 years with sustained revenue growth and profitability growth
  • We look for high potential stocks that have demonstrated ability to combat changes, adapt technologies and yet be on a growth path
  • We are sector agnostic. As long as there is potential, we create a multi-cap portfolio of probable high performers avoiding high capital intensive sectors as well as sectors that are opaque by nature.

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