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SEBI Regd No. INA000011255

GENEREX - Generator of Excess Returns


Service Fee: ₹ 20000 / - for 1 year duration
  • Stocks selected for mid to long term
  • Holding period from 6 months to 3 years
  • Selection based on market conditions and Sector economic cycles
  • Report updated every Month
  • Returns to beat the Inflation and benchmark Indices
  • Wed based access

Generex by Investora is a generator of extra income to meet your goals. It is based on equity investing and equity beats all other assets classes by a wide margin hence generating extra returns.

Power of equity investing

  • We believe in the power of equity investing.
  • What we understand is that, more than the basic concept of picking a right product, it’s the power of compounding that really works magic.
  • This coupled with an efficient risk management system ensures that your investments generate positive returns as against the set benchmarks.
  • We look at Investing in Equities purely with a long term perspective.
  • Hence, we do not take any action based on daily price movements.
  • It is the Weekly and Monthly data of price movement along with a host of economic factors which determine the right companies to invest in.
  • There is also a risk management system in place which makes sure that the weaker stocks negatively affecting the portfolio are removed and replaced with potential winners.

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