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SEBI Regd No. INA000011255

Financial Awareness Program

Financial Awareness Program

Customised Fees as per group size
  • 1 day session covering all the Investment Avenues
  • Session is based on Theory and Role Playing
  • Making Complex sounding theories easy to understand
  • Concepts explained using appropriate examples from daily life
  • Develop perspective to manage personal Finances better

As a team working in the Investments and Finance domain, we believe it is our objective to get maximum people to invest in financial instruments. However, there is a very low sense of awareness of financial products aided by the fact that more than often, mis-selling of financial instruments takes place. We believe that we can equip people with the right knowledge in order to take empowered decisions for their own finances.

Think About :

  1. Have you made any bad financial decisions in your life?
  2. Have you ever bought a financial service (MF’s, Insurance, Shares) just because someone came and told you how great it would be to buy it?
If your answer to the above questions is “YES” - you have not made the most prudent financial decisions and have been left holding some financial service which is really not worth it - THEN take a relook at your Finances.
To put things into perspective let us assume a few things which lead us to this
1)We look at Finance with a view that this is something complex, we do not understand anything about it so it is better to leave it to the experts.
2)Relying on others who also may have equal or lesser knowledge than us to make financial decisions (But it may be with a hidden agenda or vested interest).

What is this programme all about?

This programme is very different from any other Investor Education programme.
Also, this is done purely with the purpose of sharing knowledge and it helps participants to develop a new perspective to look at their own Finances.
There is no intention of selling any financial services at the end of the programme. This is more so in order to help participants ask the right questions next time they are looking at making investments or purchasing any financial services.
I strongly believe that everyone needs to be aware of what each financial service means and its implications. If you handle your finances right, then rest of things in life fall in place and you lead a relatively stress free life.
Most of us shy away from reviewing our finances but doing this every few months is a very healthy thing for your own good.

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